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"NAKED" Women's Healing Ceremony
"NAKED" Women's Healing Ceremony

Sun, Apr 07


Reverie Garden Studio

"NAKED" Women's Healing Ceremony

Awaken Your Divine Feminine Essence, Balance Your Feminine Energy and Health, Release Soul Wounds, Reconnect and Reclaim the Goddess Within.

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Time & Location

Apr 07, 2024, 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Reverie Garden Studio, 786 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11226, USA

Event Details

“NAKED” is brought to you by healer, yoga teacher, and bodyworker Jocelyn Cruz (Sharing Hearts Yoga and Wellness)

An intenstive 3-hour, in-person transformational healing ceremony for Femmes and Goddesses that are ready to cause miracles for themselves. Jocelyn brings all of her years of wisdom and experience in the realms of healing, bodywork, and psycho-spiritual wellness together to have women reclaim their Divine Feminine Essence, leaving them radiant, vital, and alive.

In her words:

There are those of us who feel like we have tried everything, but we are still left with all these physical ailments and symptoms, and we find ourselves “doomed” and “sentenced” to experience these things forever. It could be having a painful period, experiencing pain and inflammation, an auto-immune disease, or even finding yourself in a relationship with the same partner over and over, if you know what I mean. This 3-hour event promises healing on a deep level, in ways you haven’t yet experienced before. “NAKED” promises to strip away all the things between you and the healing that is your birthright.

For us Femmes and Goddesses, our essence, true nature, or prakruti is divinely feminine. Everything in the universe is governed by two energetic polarities- yin and yang, masculine and feminine, black and white, empty space and content. Your cosmic balance leans heavier in the feminine energetic. When we are out of balance, i.e. when we are disconnected from, misinformed about, or experience a block due to deep soul wounding around our Divine Feminine Essence, it brings us out of balance and makes us “unwell.” The primary key to all of our healing is the reclamation of this Divine Feminine Essence, which unlocks our access to the BEING of “being well.”

$200 per person. Tickets available through the Sharing Hearts Website. Limited Spots Available.

 Next event: April 7th, 4-7pm in Brooklyn, NY.

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