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I specialize in an illustrative tattoo style, but am capable of using inspiration from a variety of styles depending on what my client wants. My favorite things to tattoo are nature related, dogs & cats, anime/manga, horror/dark, and psychedelic/dreamy stuff. After many years of traditional tattooing I became trained & certified in eyebrow PMU, I appreciate the effect it can have on boosting people's confidence and self-love.

I have been tattooing and licensed by the NY Dept. of Health since 2010.

I am also a multi-disciplinary artist who has formally studied fine-art & music, and creates across mediums including (but not limited to) paint, ink, graphite, digital, animation, writing, music, and video. I enjoy collaborative projects and connecting with other creative people to create truly unique work.

In my art and creations, I draw influence from my experiences growing up in the diverse and shifting culture of Brooklyn, my roots as an Indigenous Peruvian woman, nature and the universe, the strong ebb and flow of emotions, duality, storytelling, and my urge to heal and help others.

Past Features & Projects







“Re-Thrifted” Group Gallery Exhibition & Opening Party

@ Sacred Gallery NYC

“A Dream of Faux Elegance” Art Show & Opening Party
@ Danny Screams Studios

“An Abstract Mind” Film (Film feature and Art Exhibit)
@ Sweet Janes

“All Roads Lead” Film by Peter Bolte (voice actor)

"Manahatta Today: Indigenous Art of N.Y.C."
Exhibition of 26 Indigenous artists living in N.Y.C.
@ Arts Horizons LeRoy Neiman Art Center

SAVEARTSPACE x FLATBUSH ZOMBIES (Flatbush Billboard Feature)

“Stories from the Uncanny Valley”  EP by Rosary Doll (Lead Vocals/Writing)

"Brooklyn Bazaar Art Market"

@Brooklyn Bazaar

"Drawn Together" 
Artist Charity Collaboration  ($30,000 Raised and donated to NAMI)

“STAY TRUE”  Animation (Collab with NYC Hip hop artist Artz)

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