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Owner, Licensed Tattoo Artist, Certified PMU Brow Artist


I am the owner and head artist at Reverie. I focus on an illustrative tattoo style, but am capable of using inspiration from a variety of styles depending on what my client wants. My favorite things to tattoo are nature related, pet-portraits, anime/manga, horror/dark, and abstract/psychedelic/dreamy stuff. I practice an inclusive, trauma-aware approach and specialize in tattooing melanated skin and those with conditions like KP and dermatillomania.

After many years of traditional tattooing I became trained & certified in eyebrow PMU, I appreciate the effect it can have on boosting people's confidence and self-love.I have been tattooing and licensed by the NY Dept. of Health since 2010.

I am also a multi-disciplinary artist who has formally studied fine-art & music fpr 20+ years, and I create across mediums including (but not limited to) paint, ink, graphite, digital, animation, writing, music, and video. I enjoy collaborative projects and connecting with other creative people to create truly unique work.​

In my business, my art, and my creations, I draw influence from my experiences growing up in the diverse and shifting culture of Brooklyn, queerness & femininity, my roots as an Indigenous/Afro-Peruvian woman, nature and the universe, the strong ebb and flow of emotions, duality, storytelling, and my urge to heal and help others.

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